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Knitting Instructions

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Friday, May 26, 2006

Knitting Instructions

Knitting Instructions

In my search for quality information about knitting instructions I have been asked a lot of questions about selecting the right yarn to make your knitting instructions a success. The following is an excerpt from an email I received from the knitting expert Sarah Adkins.

"Selecting the right quality of yarn is one of the most influential factors of successful knitting. Essentially, the ultimate success or failure of your knitting project may very well depend on your selection of yarn. With this in mind, you will always want to consider who will be using your knitting product when selecting yarn for a project.

For example, if you are knitting a sweater for a man then lovely wool might be the right choice but if you are knitting some winter clothing for a baby that type of wool is probably not the appropriate choice.

When knitting for a baby, always use superwash wool because it allows you to machine wash and dry the yarn frequently. Also, always feel the yarn by rubbing it against your skin. If it feels rough to you, it will definitely feel the same way on a baby's sensitive skin."

This is just part of her wonderful information about knitting and you can learn more about her amazing book by clicking here.

Knitting Instructions

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